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Broadway Area Community Development Corporation

Our Portfolio

Madison Avenue Town Homes

Madison Avenue Townhomes located,1352 Jefferson Street, Gary, Indiana, was the first multi-family housing development for low income families utilizing Section 42 Program Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Private Funds and Tax Incremental financing in over 25 years.

The development consist of 80 townhomes for low income families in the Midtown area.

This $9.2M development served as the catalyst for all new and rehabilitated developments occurring in the Midtown area of Gary.

Washington Manor Subdivision

Provides 32 new single family housing opportunities for low to moderate income individuals and families.
Currently we have 5 lots available for new construction in the
Washington Manor subdivision.

BACDC land developed this $4.3M real estate development.

South Shore Commons

South Shore Commons, is Gary's first "Permanent Supportive Housing" development. The development offers residents a place to call home, creating stability and greater control of their lives. Residents will experience an improved quality of life which will enhance recovery physically, mentally and spiritually. BACDC co-developed this $13M--60 unit multi-family project. The development includes 48 one-bedroom and 12 two bedroom apartments and many modern amenities. Edgewater Systems For Balanced Living is the owner and will provide the case management and wrap around social services. South Shore Commons is located at 1201 West 20th Avenue, Gary, Indiana 46407.

"Permanent Supportive Housing" is based on the successful strategy of "Housing First", "where individuals or family needs for housing are met first" . "Permanent Supportive Housing" reduces the number of households who experience long term homelessness. It has been documented and proven that "BUT" for housing people who are experiencing homelessness cannot access and make effective use of treatment; and " BUT " for supportive services people experiencing homelessness cannot access and maintain stable housing."

NWI Veterans Village

The NWI Veterans Villageis a development of 44 one-bedroom "Permanent Supportive Housing" units for our nation's homeless heroes.

Located in the Emerson footprint at 839 Massachusetts Street. This development is the first new housing development in the fight to ending homelessness for our Veterans.

BACDC is owner and developer of this affordable $10.1M development.